TRK works fine on Win8 now !

January 20th, 2013

Hello friends!

Yesterday we updated TRK Installer and now it works perfect for Win8 and every earlier versions. Download TRK now and have fun!

Win 8 has come and here we are…

October 31st, 2012

We are getting a lot of emails with one question: “Does TRK work with latest Win 8?“. So we want to reply here to let everyone know: Yes, it does! 🙂

BUT! We are talking about JAVA version (look here). This version works on any Windows OS 64-bit and on the latest Win 8 as great as on Linux, Mac and FreeBSD. You can find TRK JAVA versions here.

Other TRK versions works only on Windows 7 and earlier and you need to use 32-bit torrent client if you use 64-bit OS.

We still provide support to all our users and customers, but we stoped upgrading TRK “Windows-only” versions because of too much 64-bit OS users and Win 8 release. It’s time for JAVA version now. If you have any question please fill in the feedback form.

Great offer for all our partners: Get 50% Money Back for your license key!

February 9th, 2012

The offer extended until 03/25! 

We have prepared a unique offer for all of our partners. It’s great for users who have not purchased a license key yet, and for the happy owners.

The conditions are very simple:

  1. Become our partner if you are not one of them yet. Don’t forget to enter your payment information to withdraw the money;
  2. Buy a Lifetime License Key to any version in the period from 02/08/2012 until 03/01/2012 . Then activate it into the program;
  3. Log in into your partner account ang go to “Settings” page. Enter your License key into special form at the bottom;
  4. Get 50% Money Back to your balance!
  5. Invite friends with your referral link and get 50% on each sale of our program until 03/01/2012

A little hint: sell only 1 license key with your referal link and you will get enough amount to withdraw the money. So you will get 100% Money Back!

The offer is valid for all of our partners, regardless the date of registration. Your commission is 50% on each sale with your referral link.

Have a great day!

if you are not one of them yet. Don’t forget to enter your payment information to withdraw the money;

Torrent Ratio Keeper Facebook fan page

March 23rd, 2011

Like our Torrent Ratio Keeper Facebook fan page and Share it to win the FREE TRK Monster key!

We giveaway 1 license key for to Facebook users each month.

Win a Torrent Ratio Keeper License – Free Giveaway – Exclusive

February 11th, 2011

Hello! Don’t you know that you can win a free License key? 🙂 We provide 9 keys for contest on Leecher Mods portal:

  • 1x Torrent Ratio Keeper Monster Edition
  • 3x Torrent Ratio Keeper Leecher Edition
  • 5x Torrent Ratio Keeper Basic Edition

You are required to fulfil two simple conditions as written below:

1. Follow @Leecher on Twitter and Share this article on Twitter, Facebook, Digg or any other Social Site and post the link of that in the comment.

2. Follow our Blog with Friend Connect or sign in to Google while writting your comment and ensure in your Profile is your contact info email or ICQ, YIM included so that they can contact you back and give you, in case you win, the license.

That’s it, after doing this you’re in the contest and the lucky winners will be announced here.

UPDATE! The contest close on 20th March 2011.

We started an Affiliate Program!

January 28th, 2011

We offer to participate in our affiliate program for all Torrent Ratio Keeper users and start earning money with us! What will you get?

  • You receive up to 50% from each sold lifetime license by your referrer;
  • Minimum payouts as low as $20; NO limit to your earnings;
  • Great promotional materials will help you to earn more;
  • Up to date stats are available on our website and on Torrent Ratio Keeper Monster “Earn Money” tab;
  • Easy start: sing up now to start earning money today!

Please write us if you have any questions or ideas about our affiliate system.

How to cheat torrent ratio and not get caught? Part 3

December 7th, 2010

Torrent Ratio Keeper is capable of preventing a banThe great part about Torrent Ratio Keeper is that you can use it with any tracker without fear of getting banned. This is because Torrent Ratio Keeper works differently from other similar software. Torrent Ratio Keeper is capable of preventing a ban because it merely works as a plugin for your torrent download software and is capable of displaying realistic figures to the torrent administrators. Many other programs work as standalone software, and seem to immediately boast unrealistic figures which can raise a major red flag to torrent providers.
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How to cheat torrent ratio and not get caught? Part 2

November 12th, 2010

How to cheat torrent ratio and not get caught?Our users often ask us why Torrent Ratio Keeper is safer than the other torrent cheating apps.

If you’ve read previous article you already know that torrent tracker can detect only your torrent client’s speed and all cheat-detection techniques are based on it. It’s time to take a closer look at upload emulation software.

Most users want to increase torrent share ratio fast and they search for software that will help them to accomplish this.  There are several torrent upload emulation apps that can do this job but it’s risky. Users can get banned in several hours after launching this kind of software.

Lets check how these cheats work, then we can truly understand the ban detection system.

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How to cheat torrent ratio and not get caught? Part 1

October 20th, 2010

How to cheat torrent ratio and not get caught? Torrent Ratio KeeperWe receive  tons of feedback about hacking torrent ratio on private trackers. I will reply on interesting questions in this blog. We hope that this information will be useful for many our users.

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Multiple versions of uTorrent installed on the same computer

September 27th, 2010

Multiple versions of uTorrent installed on the same computer. Torrent Ratio Keeper.Many private trackers allow you to use only old uTorrent versions (1.8.x) and ban users with the latest uTorrents. It happens because the tracker’s admins labeled the new release as unfair. It uses new protocol (uTP) and it should work much faster, but not all torrent clients support it yet. At the same time, other trackers require the latest versions of torrent clients.

We are testing Torrent Ratio Keeper all the time with different trackers and torrent clients to make sure that our software is the best torrent ratio cheating tool. Sometimes we need to launch several virtual PCs for tests. Each virtual machine has torrent client and Torrent Ratio Keeper installed. This is nice solution for us, but not for the users who want to download files from different trackers.

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