How to cheat torrent ratio and not get caught? Part 2

How to cheat torrent ratio and not get caught?Our users often ask us why Torrent Ratio Keeper is safer than the other torrent cheating apps.

If you’ve read previous article you already know that torrent tracker can detect only your torrent client’s speed and all cheat-detection techniques are based on it. It’s time to take a closer look at upload emulation software.

Most users want to increase torrent share ratio fast and they search for software that will help them to accomplish this.  There are several torrent upload emulation apps that can do this job but it’s risky. Users can get banned in several hours after launching this kind of software.

Lets check how these cheats work, then we can truly understand the ban detection system.

Users need to download any .torrent file from the tracker and select it, set the upload speed and the program will cheat the ratio. It sounds very good, no doubt, and it worked great for several years. About a year ago, we found that accounts often get banned when upload emulation software is running. We’ve contacted the tracker’s administrator and asked about scripts he is using for ratio cheat detection. He said that he has found a simple way to catch and ban cheaters. The main idea is that upload emulation apps don’t care about real seeds and peers. They just send reports to the tracker about uploaded traffic and boost the torrent share ratio. If the tracker gives “fake peers” application,it still keeps uploading. When the administrator suspects the cheater, the tracker stops giving real peers for 1-3 hours. If the user uses the torrent client, uploading and downloading will stop, but upload emulation software still fakes reports. This method guarantees that the user is a cheater. A few private trackers several times a month stop giving peers for several hours for all users to get cheaters. And this method works like a charm. It’s a very risky to cheat on these trackers with this kind of software.

What differentiates Torrent Ratio Keeper from the other “tracker cheaters” is that it works as plug-in for the torrent client. If the torrent client stops, Torrent Ratio Keeper stops too.  It’s important to have a software that is capable of stopping automatically.  This saves your account from getting banned and passes through the cheat detection systems very well.

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