Win 8 has come and here we are…

We are getting a lot of emails with one question: “Does TRK work with latest Win 8?“. So we want to reply here to let everyone know: Yes, it does! 🙂

BUT! We are talking about JAVA version (look here). This version works on any Windows OS 64-bit and on the latest Win 8 as great as on Linux, Mac and FreeBSD. You can find TRK JAVA versions here.

Other TRK versions works only on Windows 7 and earlier and you need to use 32-bit torrent client if you use 64-bit OS.

We still provide support to all our users and customers, but we stoped upgrading TRK “Windows-only” versions because of too much 64-bit OS users and Win 8 release. It’s time for JAVA version now. If you have any question please fill in the feedback form.

One Response to “Win 8 has come and here we are…”

  1. Arthur Posthumus Says:

    Iam using torrent ratiokeeper monster for several years.
    I understand that if i install windows 8 i have to buy torrent ratio keeper again???
    When i buy torrent ratio keeper it was for life
    Can’t i not upgrade the program?
    Our can i download the java version and use my product code so i don’t have to buy it again