Multiple versions of uTorrent installed on the same computer

Multiple versions of uTorrent installed on the same computer. Torrent Ratio Keeper.Many private trackers allow you to use only old uTorrent versions (1.8.x) and ban users with the latest uTorrents. It happens because the tracker’s admins labeled the new release as unfair. It uses new protocol (uTP) and it should work much faster, but not all torrent clients support it yet. At the same time, other trackers require the latest versions of torrent clients.

We are testing Torrent Ratio Keeper all the time with different trackers and torrent clients to make sure that our software is the best torrent ratio cheating tool. Sometimes we need to launch several virtual PCs for tests. Each virtual machine has torrent client and Torrent Ratio Keeper installed. This is nice solution for us, but not for the users who want to download files from different trackers.

We’ve found that sometimes uTorrent users have to run different uTorrent versions on different PCs or switch versions all the time. It made us to do a little research and we’ve come up with a quick and simple solution.

It’s possible to run many uTorrent instances at the same time. First of all we’ve installed 2 copies of the torrent client in different folders:


Both folders must have uTorrent.exe (TorrentRatioKeeper works only with uTorrent.exe files). We’ve created shortcuts for these executables. It’s time to edit new shortcuts: need to click on each shortcut and select Properties. You can see Target field on the screenshot. It shows the path to uTorrent.exe. You need to add the parameter /RECOVER to both shortcuts to make 2 or more application instances work:


That’s it. Now you can run as many uTorrents as you need at the same time (even different versions!):


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