Version 4.2 released

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Version 4.2 released

Post by administrator » Fri Mar 25, 2011 6:39 pm

* New feature: Settings -> Restart my torrent client before opening TRK.
This feature restarts your torrent client if you've launched TRK after your torrent client.
We recommend you to launch Torrent Ratio Keeper before running your torrent client and turn off after closing the client. It will save your tracker's account from speed changes. Many torrent trackers detect cheating by monitoring users' upload speed.
* "Add X-Y% of downloaded to uploaded" feature. It makes tracker count part of downloaded files as uploaded. It's a very good feature on torrents with many leechers. Try to use not wide range to make upload speed constant on the tracker's stats (Ex. 22-25%, 75-78%, etc).

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