Basic Version

• Fixed Presets
• Simple interface
• Easy launch

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Leecher Version

• Advanced options
• Customizable Traffic settings
• Graphical statistics

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Monster Version

• Advanced options
• Expert features (seeder mode, network problems emulation)
• Graphical statistics

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Buy Torrent Ratio Keeper Monster for cryptocurrencies

Please choose and copy cryptocurrency wallet you want to pay to and make a transaction. If you want to pay by currency not mention below, just feedback us and we will accept your transaction. Notify us about your transaction and we will send you license key.

Cryptocurrency name Amount to pay* Wallet
BTC (Bitcoin) 0 1AsYUtELXFXrgNozR62VPDpVwLox5UeRLo
LTC (Litecoin) 0 LSfBPhnbFAtaiwvhPvmTZ9FMCzQLnW8vqR
NMC (Namecoin) 0 NCjLoqEFKCz5PkQLgcqQFhHnoaDEiMokzQ
TRC (Terracoin) 0 1LUAEiWbGRR6EMesvU68Dc586Y8obzVx94
PPC (PPcoin) 0 PGGPHotzCCTx3Az7y5Wp5wYnaecm9EphVh
FTC (Feathercoin) 0 6uiswfFW1P7FjJfZyRjSdXx2QSasrn1nyo
XPM (Primecoin) 0 ANgi7K1LRtDoxNWgz75LaNCVFx377Fqu7c
NVC (Novacoin) 0 4RaMCKwzU9wqSmyZWR5JMHTXJ6xcpySCtS
any other currencies contact us

* Refresh page if amount shows as "n/a" or "0".

Please note! Each cryptocurrency has individual number of confirmations and each confirmation may take up to 3 days!

We do not support generated transaction from pools like Eligius, P2Pool, etc.